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Canon Rock pron? o.O

2009-04-23 13:22:32 by woodmaister

I did a Canon Rock o.O

Much fail

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2009-04-18 15:36:34 by woodmaister

Because guitar is truly awesome <3

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2009-04-16 09:14:04 by woodmaister

Would totally love ALL OF YOU if you dig this =D

And enjoy the video as well =P


2009-04-10 20:34:33 by woodmaister OZzU

Thar you go ENJOI!

It's just a cover, but I'll make a full re-mix with drums and shiz and whack it on youtube and newgrounds sometime soon!

PEWPEW I just got Cubase 4 =D It's awesome, but friggen annoying to use compared to what I normally use!

And with this new software, comes a Remix! I shall be re-making the Ryu Theme Song from Street Fighter 2 on my guitar!


Video Game Song Remix

2009-04-07 16:31:13 by woodmaister

That's right! Game song remix's with guitar!!

But I can't choose what to remix >_>

Contra/Ninja Gaiden? I dunno, you choose pl0x <3

Bored, gief me some work =D

2009-04-02 10:43:23 by woodmaister

Hai everyone

Ya, I'm liek.. SRZLY bored =/ I wanna make a song but I don't have inspiration or anything. ANy flash makers out there working on a Flashy atm and they need some guitar music to go with it or something, leave me a comment or a message or something <3

Seriously.. I iz like.. Wtf bored >_>

This is Unreal..

2009-04-01 08:06:03 by woodmaister

Unreally funny LOLOLOLOL

China filter always gets me <3 It's annoying but funny at the same time now lolz

Nevertheless, I haz a preview of my new song /225879

Go listen and enjoy, if not for me, then for china =P


2009-04-01 07:11:08 by woodmaister


I can't even vote or fucking review anymore >_> IT'S LIKE A HALF-BAN D=

Tom, your April Fools joke is ANNOYING!! I wanna review what people have said about my songs BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Though I like the fact you put effort in ;D


2009-03-22 12:52:27 by woodmaister

I've got started on teh Duke Nukem Remix guitar thingymahbob, What I'm trying to figure out is if I should make it more unique and change the riffs a bit so it's not a full cover, or actually play the Megadeth version and just record it.

I don't want to change it so much that it no longer sounds like the Duke Nukem theme, but I want it to sound different, so it's my piece and not someone else..

BUHH.. Somebody, halp meh =D